“36% of UK working-age adults experience long-term health conditions, and 2.5mn are economically inactive as a result.”

Financial Times, September 2023

Is your organisation prepared for the rising cost of healthcare?


Chronic illnesses account for up 1/3 of all workplace sick absences


87% of line managers have not been given any training on supporting people with long-term conditions


Only 35% of line managers say that their organisation has an HR or Occupational Health workplace policy

Hear what participants are saying

An amazing, worthwhile informative learning opportunity. The program strikes the right balance for managing cancer in the workplace – providing practical skills for managers, supporting individuals facing the worry and potential diagnosis of cancer, and the legal obligation an employer must be aware of.”

Anna Triggs, HR Manager, Biocair

Workplace programme

Engaging employers to support a healthier, more productive workforce

Guidelines for managing chronic illness in the workplace

Emotional Wellbeing

Providing practical tips and legal advice

E-learning resources for HR and Line Managers

Our Programmes

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing employee health.

We have developed employer training courses that demonstrate the legal requirements, and best practises for managing three of the most prevalent and costly chronic health conditions in the modern workplace.


1/5 cancer survivors face discrimination when returning to the workplace

Chronic Pain

People with chronic pain are 47% more likely to be subjected to threats/abuse in the workplace


1/3 menopausal women hide their symtpoms due to fear of losing their job

Benefits to employers

Reduce risk of recurring or worsening chronic illness
Reduce healthcare costs via a preventative health approach*
More effective support from managers for their teams
Understand the impact of chronic illness on your employees
Gain an in-depth understanding of your legal requirements
Obtain best practice guidance to create a company care policy
Reduce short & long-term disability claims
Increase return to work and productivity rates
Hear what participants are saying

“I found this course incredibly useful to learn how to best support an employee with a cancer diagnosis, both compassionately and also lawfully. The overall content and structure of the course was brilliant. Overall, I had a great experience and would highly reccomend this to other employers and managers.” –

Caroline Towers, HR Professional, PragmaticIC

Boutros Bear’s platform is designed to engage, educate, and empower organisations to better manage persistent conditions at work

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