Chronic pain impacts over 30% of employees

It drives increased absence, reduced job performance, concentration problems, physical limits and displays of impatience toward coworkers and customers.

Harvard Business Review

The Boutros Bear Overcoming Pain Programme

Designed in collaboration with our Chief Medical Officer and leading expert on chronic pain, Dr Deepak Ravindran, we have launched our 12-week overcoming pain programme.

The programme is designed using the latest research and clinical data to support you to overcome your pain and achieve a better quality of life.

Dr Deepak Ravindran
Chief Medical Officer

Each week the programme will include


Educational Modules
Develop your understanding of the nature of your pain and learn active coping skills.


Action Plan
Led by our health coach, we will help you identify and achieve positive habits with movement, nutrition, and sleep.


Interactive Sessions
A wide range of physical and psychological therapies delivered in both group and 1:1 sessions.


Personalised Advice
Our integrated healthcare team review your weekly progress and tailor activities to help overcome your pain.

Hear what participants are saying

“The Boutros Bear persistent pain programme is the only approach that has helped lift me back to *almost* the way I was before my pain started. I’ve tried a number of programmes in the past including all the amazing benefits my employer offered, but none of them worked like Boutros Bear’s integrated approach of movement, nutrition and mental health. My healthcare coach was amazing and very supportive and the recipes have changed my life! Their personalised approach has helped me explore new ways of managing my symptoms, regain control over my life and get my energy back.”


In addition to one-to-one coaching, our e-learning modules are designed to help you understand and overcome your pain

Our modules include:


The course will teach you the importance of a healthy balanced diet, and provide you with recipe suggestions that have been specifically selected by our dieticians. We stress the importance of balance and variety in flavour, colour and nutrients. Many of our recipes are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This is important when overcoming chronic pain.

Movement, Exercise and Personal Coaching

We assign you a personal health coach to support you every step of the way. They provide weekly personalised exercise plans, specifically focused on managing chronic pain. Your health coach will work with you to implement new strategies into your everyday life.

Mental Health Services

Living with chronic pain can be incredibly draining and even debilitating to your mental health. Having an emotional support system is critical to helping those recovering from long-term health conditions.

Each programme participant will have access to our qualified counselling psychologists lead by Dr Sarah Bateup. Dr Bateup is an experienced therapist and teacher, having delivered over 30,000 hours of evidence-based therapy and taught at Kings College, London and Exeter University.

Our mental health support services are also available to carers. The provision of this will need to be agreed upon as an addition to the base package.

We’re empowered by our mission to help those struggling with persistent conditions to live freer and more fulfilling lives.

If you would like to find out more about our programmes and how to enrol, please leave your details below.