Cancer training for employers and structured support for employees with cancer.

We deliver online courses for the employer to understand the cancer patients’ journey and their legal responsibilities. And we provide employees with access to a 12-week rehabilitation course.

How Big is The Problem?

0 %
of all cancer cases are of working adults
0 %
of people who return to work after their diagnosis face discrimination
0 %
of cancer patients make structural changes to their working patterns due to their illness
0 %
of line managers feel ill-equipped to support their employees with cancer

What we do

We are working with world-leading experts and patient groups to build an evidence-based healthcare platform for cancer.

It enables employers to gain valuable insights and training to support their employees with cancer, understand the legal obligations, as well as reducing their costs. Additionally, our platform empowers cancer recoverers to recuperate and return to work confidently and sustainably.

We’re working hard to get our platform ready for trials in July and we’d love you to join our journey. Please subscribe to Boutros Bear or follow us if you want updates on our progress and more information.

12-week rehabilitation course

Increase physical activity levels

Our graded exercise classes are designed to increase range of movement, cardiovascular functions, strength, and bone density.

Improve nutritional health

Our nutrition guides provide insights into the nutritional value of food groups and how they support health post-cancer.

Enhance mind health

Our mind course programme lowers anxiety and depression while also exploring reducing PTSD and cancer related trauma.

Here’s What Participants Are Saying

“What helps us live with cancer, prevent recurrence, and get back into our lives? It's groups like this. Aren't they wonderful?”

Dame Sally Davies (Former Chief Medical Officer for England)

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We’re launching in mid-2021!

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*’Company Name’ information is requested on the sign-up form as Boutros Bear plans to offer the full 12-week Cancer Rehabilitation programme as part of an employer workplace benefit starting in September 2021. Your information will remain confidential and will not be released to your employer.

If this is currently not applicable to you, please list ‘N/A’ under Company Name. Individuals will still have an opportunity to continue with the 12-week programme without employer sponsorship.