The Science

Our purpose is to provide online prehabilitation and rehabilitation courses, taking a whole population health approach that works for most adults, including older more vulnerable adults.

The term Prehabilitation is the practice of enhancing patients exercise capacity and in this case to significantly enhance pulmonary function.

Prehabilition has been successfully used within cancer care for a number of years to optimise a patient’s health before starting acute treatments. The results include:

  • Reduction in length of hospital stay
  • Reduction in post treatment complications
  • Enhanced recovery following treatment
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Improved cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Improved nutrition
  • Improved neuro-cognitive function


The fundamental elements of prehabilition, to improve a patient’s baseline fitness, lung function and wellbeing, apply to us all now as we collectively face the COVID-19 pandemic.

This will be delivered by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Increasing physical activity levels – by providing a 12-week course of graded exercise classes and breathing exercises designed to increase lung and cardiovascular functions.
  2. Providing a heart and lung health nutrition plan to improve lung health. Eating a good balance of nutrient-rich foods is vital for keeping your lungs healthy, focusing also on those high in antioxidants to help our lungs perform at their best.
  3. Mind health -The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the population’s psychological resilience. The initial research from China is showing significant increases in the psychological impact of the outbreak, with 53% of respondents to a mental health survey rating it as moderate or severe.


The 12 -week mind course will provide a scientific evidence-based approach to reduce stress and anxiety. These conditions not only affect your quality of life but also have a truly devastating effect on the immune system. Within our team, we have psychologists and psychiatrists from Prosoma, who have developed a proven clinical effectiveness stress reduction programme which has been designed to take participants from beginner to confident.


To provide:

  • Community support services and social care
  • Online exercise classes suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, for example, chair based and breathing exercises
  • Great education around the importance of nutrition, exercise and stress management to maintain a healthy life



  • Encouraging exercise and the preparation of nutritious meals will become a source of positive entertainment and relaxation
  • Healthcare provision at prehabilitation and rehabilitation stages
  • Wellbeing by providing mind stress and anxiety reduction techniques such as mindfulness and CBT and by encouraging healthy eating and exercise

The links below backup our philosophy in developing the course.

Expert comment on treatment and recovery post-COVID infection

Dr James Gill

Expert comment on treatment and recovery post-COVID infection

Dr James Gill

Understanding-Exercise Diet Lung Disease


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Expert comment on treatment and recovery post-COVID infection