“If physical activity were a drug, we would refer to it as a miracle cure, due to the great many illnesses it can prevent and help treat”

UK Chief Medical Officers, Prof. Dame Sally Davies, Dr. Frank Atherton, Dr. Michael McBride, and Dr. Catherine Calderwood


The exercise component of our evidence-based 12-week programme is tailored to suit all abilities and ages, providing:

Personalised movement plans

Support from specialised health coaches and physiotherapists

Exercise classes

The Exercise and Physical Activity Guidelines *

Getting Started

Our philosophy is to provide a practical, time-efficient approach,

You can start off slow with smaller chunks of activity and gradually increase exercise time and intensity.

You don’t need any special equipment at all to follow our plan,

You may find it beneficial to invest in a yoga mat, some dumbbells, or a resistance band. Water bottles and cans can be used as alternatives to dumbbells.

A wearable fitness device for tracking exercise and heart rate is great,

However, its not essential.

Get Moving

Remember, exercise doesn’t just have to be jogging or an aerobic class to count. It’s about getting yourself moving and improving your health

Exercise should be moderate or vigorous, but always appropriate to your own health needs and status.

Walking, cycling
Playing football, dancing, swimming
Hill-sprints, weight exercises
Very Vigorous

Shake it Up!

For every week of the 12-week programme, we include workout ideas and activities.

but if you want to shake it up a bit, why not try HIIT sessions, kettlebell workouts, yoga, or start running?

Whatever your fitness goals, we’re here to help. Just mention it to your health coach in your next 1:1.

They’ll be happy to help you find new workouts and generally point you in the right direction.

Remember, exercise doesn’t have to mean classes and gym sessions.

Walking is fantastic exercise, it can be done anywhere plus it has so many health benefits, especially if you walk in nature.

For Individuals Experiencing Pain

We’d recommend a total of 2.5 hours of moderate intensity exercise each week but if you experience pain, you should start slowly.
Begin with small blocks of 10-15 minutes, once or twice a day, doing manageable exercise that you enjoy.
Then, gradually build up so you exercise most days of the week.