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Thank you for your interest in purchasing the Boutros Bear Workplace Cancer Programme!

Purchasing a 1 year subscription gives you:

  • Unlimited access to our Employer Training E-Learning Platform for HR departments and Line Managers
  • 15 licenses for Boutros Bear’s 12-Week Cancer Rehabilitation Program

Pricing Details

The WorkPlace Cancer Programme is priced at £4500 per employee licences for a 1 year subscription

Subscription terms & conditions:

  • The WorkPlace Cancer Programme subscription is valid for 1 year upon date of purchase. Access to Employer Training and Cancer Rehabilitation portals will expire at the end of one year
  • Any licenses activated during the subscription period will continue to have access to our platform until they complete the programme (up to 12 weeks for the cancer rehabilitation program and 1 month for the employer training modules)
  • Customers will be prompted towards the end of their subscriptions should you wish to renew. Unused licenses remaining at the end of the subscription period will not carry over to the following year’s quota upon renewal

Patient navigators membership

  • Unlimited employer training

Workplace Cancer Programme100

  • Unlimited employer training

Workplace Cancer Programme

  • Unlimited employer training
£4,500.00 per member for 1 year