to the Boutros Bear 12 Week Cancer Rehab Programme!

Thank you for enrolling and trusting us with this part of your journey. We know how challenging and stressful a time this can be for you and your loved ones, but we will be here with you every step of the way. 

Throughout the next 12 weeks, you will have access to the best multi-disciplinary team of experts to help you feel stronger, fitter, and happier in your journey to recovery.

We know everyone’s experience with cancer rehabilitation is unique. That’s why we have designed our programme to be tailored towards you and your individual needs. 

This includes: 

  • Weekly one-to-one coaching with your dedicated health coach, your main point of contact through the programme
  • Nutrition advice and recipes specifically designed for those recovering from cancer*
  • One-to-one emotional wellbeing support and counselling sessions with our team of qualified psychotherapists**
  • Access to specially curated resources on our platform including exercise videos, mindfulness content, 100s of recipes, community forums, podcasts, blog posts, and a calendar of virtual events including art therapy from our team of experts and guest speakers

* Your health coach will direct you to our dedicated dietician for further consultations as necessary
** 3x 50-minute sessions with our BACP accredited counsellors are included as part of the programme. You are welcome to take advantage of this offering at your discretion. You are welcome to invite your support system to join you as part of these consultations. 

Thank you for trusting us, let’s get started! 

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Employer Training

Employer Training

Employer Training Module 1

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Employer Training Module 4

You may be directed for further support from other members of our healthcare team if required